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Pisces Zodiac Crystal Candle

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Celebrate mystical and dreamy zodiac sign, Pisces with our soy wax-scented candle. Delicious coconut husk and papaya scent.

This candle is lovingly hand-poured in Australia, then adorned with crystals set in the soy wax at Finding Rosie HQ.


Coconut husk and papaya

About Pisces

Pisces is an intuitive water sign.

Pisces is a dreamy and mystical zodiac sign. Natal sun in Pisces are esoteric, compassionate, gentle, loving, sensitive, imaginative, spiritual, perceptive and empathetic. Pisces planetary ruler is Neptune (modern) and Jupiter (traditional).

Pisces Dates

19 February to 21 March (Australia dates)

Crystals for Pisces Zodiac Candle

Green calcite - support the compassionate energy of Pisces

Lepidolite - promotes calm and relaxing energy, just like the tranquil waters associated with Pisces.

Amethyst - the mystical crystal! Perfect companion for esoteric Pisces.


Medium size 180g candle

Approx. 33 hours of burn time

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