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Pisces Book by Liberty Phi

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Pisces by Liberty Phi

From ancient times, people have wanted to understand the rhythms of life and looked to the skies for answers. The Ancient Greeks and Romans turned to the celestial bodies for inspiration and devised narratives to which they referred to make decisions and choices. Maybe the options have changed, but we are still seeking wisdom and guidance in life today.

A student of astrology for over 20 years, in her Planet Zodiac series, Liberty will take you on a deep dive into your sign. Only by understanding the meaning, nature and power of each planet and how that's relevant to your birth chart - which is relevant only to you - can you really harness the power of the zodiac. You can then use this knowledge to work out how planetary patterns might influence you and how they will affect your life in a rather profound way. You will learn, for instance, what sort of impression you are likely to make when you enter a room, how you function in a group, or how spontaneous you are likely to be.

This book will take an in-depth and tailored exploration of Pisces and will give you the tools to harness the zodiac and take control of your life.

Pisces Book Details

  • Colour pages
  • Hardcover book
  • 112 Pages
  • Printed in 2023

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