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Libra Zodiac Crystal Candle

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Celebrate the harmonious and charming zodiac sign Libra with our soy wax-scented candle. Delicious honey fig scent.

Libra astrology crystal candle is lovingly hand-poured in Australia and then adorned with crystals set in soy wax at Finding Rosie HQ.


Honey Fig - Blend of burnt fig, honeycomb, cinnamon and vanilla on a cotton, sandalwood and amber base.

About Libra

Libra is a cardinal air sign

Libra is harmonious, balanced, fair, has an eye for beauty, refined, sociable, calm, charming, graceful, polite and intelligent.

Libra Dates

24 September to 23 October

Sydney, Australia time zone

Crystals for Libra Zodiac Candle

Rose Quartz - A powerful nurturing crystal. Rose Quartz promotes all love; self, romance, family, and world.

Prehnite - Peace, protection, enhances calm and inner knowledge.

Pink Tourmaline - New beginnings, opportunities, meditation, and joy.

Candle Size

Medium size 180g candle

Approx. 33 hours of burn time

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