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Leo Zodiac Crystal Candle

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Celebrate the playful and proud zodiac sign, Leo, with our soy wax-scented candle. Delicious coconut husk and papaya scent.

Lovingly hand-poured in Australia, then adorned with crystals at Finding Rosie HQ. Medium size candle pictured.


Coconut husk and papaya

About Leo

Leo is a fixed fire sign.

Leo's are creative, passionate, determined, proud, fun-loving, courageous, radiant, exuberant, social, charismatic, playful and natural leaders.

Leo Dates

23 July to 23 August

Sydney, Australia dates

Crystals for Leo Zodiac Candle

  • Orange Calcite - A vibrant and feel-good stone! Perfect for enhancing the Leo trait of creativity, while providing a little boost of positive energy.
  • Carnelian -  A fiery stone, ideal for the fire sign Leo. Excellent for confidence, passion, energy and asserting yourself.
  • Citrine - Associated with the sun! The perfect match for Leo, whose planetary ruler is the sun. Citrine is your daily dose of sunshine, with properties of abundance, motivation and following your dreams.
  • Clear Quartz - the ultimate energisier, keep your Leo fire burning bright with this versatile crystal.


Medium 180g wax fill (pictured): Up to 33 hours of burn time

Large 285g wax fill: Up to 48 hours of burn time


Once the candle is burning, keep crystals aware from flame, they can infuse for amplified intention and fire magic. You may like to take larger crystals out safely once the wax has softened.

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