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Scorpio Zodiac Crystal Candle

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Celebrate the mysterious zodiac sign Scorpio with our soy wax-scented candle. Delicious honey fig scent.

Scorpio astrology crystal candle is lovingly hand-poured in Australia and then adorned with crystals set in soy wax at Finding Rosie HQ.


Honey Fig - Blend of burnt fig, honeycomb, cinnamon and vanilla on a cotton, sandalwood and amber base.

About Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed water sign.

Scorpio is magnetic, transformative, esoteric, deep, intuitive, passionate, powerful, determined, with strengths of self-mastery and self-control.

Scorpio Dates

24 October to 22 November

Sydney, Australia time zone

Crystals for Scorpio Zodiac Candle

Labradorite - Scorpio, embrace your magic with mesmerising and iridescent labradorite. An ideal crystal for intuitive Scorpio, supports intuition, manifesting intentions, wisdom, protection, and transformation.

Citrine - The birthstone for November, creativity, luck, energy, abundance, and motivation

Shungite - Wisdom, grounding and protection.

Candle Size

Medium size 180g candle

Approx. 33 hours of burn time

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