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Aries Season Digital Guide

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This guide is not just for Aries natives, it's for everybody since we will all live with the sun in Aries for a month.

Are you ready to get mystical AF?

Aries season marks the start of a new astrological year! The season coincides with the Autumn Equinox (southern hemisphere) and Spring Equinox (North hemisphere). This is a time for new beginnings with energising and action-taking energy.

Celebrate this season with our digital PDF guide. 

Aries Season Dates

21 March 2023 (8:25 AM) to 20 April 2023 (6:14 PM) (Sydney, Australia time zone)

About Aries Season Digital Guide

In this 24 page digital guide you will learn:

  • Key astrology dates for Aries season
  • All about Aries energy
  • Astro scopes for your rising sign
  • How to celebrate the Autumn Equinox
  • About the new moon in Aries
  • About the full moon in Libra
  • Crystals for Aries season
  • Tarot for Aries season
  • Aries goddess archetype
  • plus more magick!

What You Will Receive

Once you purchase, on the order confirmation screen you will see a button to access your download. Please note, this is not a physical book but a digital PDF download. You may print this out if you wish to have a physical copy.

Please save digital file as the link to download expires in 7 days from purchase. All sales are final.

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