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Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit

Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit
Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit | Finding Rosie Rituals

Designer: Finding Rosie

$38.00 AUD

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 Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit includes:

  • Jade - Jade is a power stone for the Taurus.
  • Aventurine - Supports Taurus with good health, rejuvenation and success.
  • Emerald - Good luck charm while helping a Taurus to tap into a spiritual state.
  • Howlite - Place on your forehead. This anti-frustration stone will help Taurus navigate a tendency for stubbornness.
  • Sunstone - Supports the persevering nature of a Taurus.

Use the Taurus Zodiac Crystal Kit during:

  • Taurus Season April 19 to May 20
  • A full moon in Taurus
  • A new moon in Taurus

Recommended zodiac crystal kit spread for meditation:

Lay down and place 1 on your forehead, 1 on your heart and two on either side of your body. Meditate in this state, or focus on the energy support from each crystal.

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