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Interview: Le Petit Trou Lingerie Founder, Zuzanna Kuczyńska

Interview: Le Petit Trou Lingerie Founder, Zuzanna Kuczyńska
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Interview with Zuzanna Kuczyńska. Zuzanna is the founder of the Polish fashion and lingerie brand, Le Petit Trou.

Here at Finding Rosie HQ, we are thrilled to stock Le Petit Trou. LPT is a brand that has so much FUN with their lingerie, and when you see a design, you fall completely in love. Le Petit Trou has the women in mind with their designs, and that's precisely our approach to the lingerie we offer.

We wanted to share more with you about Le Petit Trou and have interviewed the Founder, Zuzanna Kuczyńska on her brand. We hope you love this post.

Le Petit Trou Founder Zuzanna Kuczyńska | Lingerie Love Notes Finding Rosie

How would you describe Le Petit Trou as a brand?

Le Petit Trou is a brand for regular women, the ones that change and for those who put themselves first while buying the lingerie. The goal of the brand is not to make lingerie for big events and dates, but for everyday life. It is the lingerie we put on without thinking and matching, but which makes women self-confident and sexy in their skin.

Black Stars Bralette by Le Petit Trou | Polish Lingerie Designer

What does Lingerie mean to you?

I believe lingerie has a magical power – being close to the body it stimulates the mind, affects the mood, emotions and self-esteem. It is full of contradictions – subtle and provocative, funny and seductive, luxurious and affordable.

Lingerie can sometimes be put down because of its intimate nature and over-sexualized market, what would you say to those who are unsure about the fact that it can, in fact, make you feel better about yourself and lift your self-esteem? Le Petit Trou pays a great deal of attention to the aesthetics, which is more subtle than sexy, more fashionable than traditionally presented in the media. It is essential that the models, as well as the clients, feel comfortable in their skin, to feel beautiful for themselves in the first place. Beautiful lingerie being close to the body boost the self-esteem. We do not want to present women in an overly sexy manner, because the clients then fell insecure about their silhouettes being constantly compared to them. We have to change the perspective; we want women to shop for themselves, rather than for men.

Tell me about your designing process?

Patterns are fundamental to our designing process because we don’t use much lace. Finding the patterns that are both beautiful and functional can be very challenging and time-consuming. Afterwards, we think about the designs that will much our client's preferences and be in the current trends. The cuts come as the third most important factor because our trademark, make the pieces “ours”. The element that clients immediately associate with Le Petit Trou

Le Petit Trou | Buy Stylish lingerie online at Finding Rosie

Who/what is your biggest fashion inspiration?

Because of the name, we seek inspirations mostly in French culture, fashion and lifestyle. We love how the French present themselves in a beautiful, but in an effortless way.

Fashion forward icon?

I don’t have a specific person in mind, who I would like to present here.
I was a stylist for almost 10 years, so I crossed paths with many unique people that inspired me, my style and aesthetics of the brand.

Was lingerie/nightwear your goal? If so, how did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Being a stylist for almost 10 years, I always left there is not enough effortless lingerie on the market, which would be both affordable and fashionable. I decided to take a risk and be the head designer in the fashion brand, in which I had no experience in. Nevertheless, the industry taught me a lot and grounded my aesthetics and style. I had an idea, and it worked.

Le Petit Trou Stylish Lingerie Designs | Finding Rosie Lingerie Love Lettera

Would you say there was a specific moment in which the brand came alive for you?

I was thinking about opening the brand for almost 3 years before the actual launch. My friends and boyfriend supported me and convinced me to give it a go.

How do you get out of a rut? What do you do when you need inspiration?

I believe the brand has considerable potential as a lifestyle brand, not just concerning lingerie. That is why I seek inspiration in fashion itself.

Lovely black lingerie by Le Petit Trou. Bralette covered in hearts | Lingerie Love Letters

Favourite social media?

Instagram is more fast-forward than any other social media. It reaches to the broad audience immediately and enables to collaborate with influencers. It also gives an opportunity to create a coherent identity and aesthetics on the main “wall”.

Tea, coffee, or other?

Before having a child – tea, now I need the coffee!

Favourite place to travel to?

I love Europe in general. Its history, the mood of the French and Italian cities appeal to me, but I am always open to any travel opportunities that may appear.

Thank you so much, Zuzanna!

With love,

Finding Rosie

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Le Petit Trou adorable designer lingerie | Lingerie Love Notes Blog


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