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Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Crystals for Zodiac Sign Cancer

Connecting and protecting your emotions is essential for Cancer. Working with crystals is a great way to achieve this while connecting with yourself on a spiritual level. Working with crystals can be as simple as closing your eyes while holding a crystal and focusing on the energy associated with the crystal for mindfulness. You may keep crystals in your home or wear them as jewellery as reminders of the desired energy and focus.

Here are some beautiful crystals to work with during Cancer season or for any natal Cancer:


A must-have crystal for all moon magic. It was named after Selene, the goddess of the moon. Cleanse other crystals with selenite, and keep them in different areas of your home as a reminder of your inner power and moon wisdom. As an environment and energy cleanser, some like to put selenite above doorways and throughout their home or workplace.


Considered an iconic stone for Cancer, moonstone is also perfect for wearing as jewellery to embody the moon's feminine energy. Rainbow moonstone has a magical luminescence in the light. This is a powerful crystal to work with for lunar cycles, particularly the new moon, as it is wonderful for new beginnings.


Spiritual association with rhodonite includes setting boundaries, strengthening, releasing fear, self-healing and emotional balance. All important matters when it comes to caring for your inner world. Rhodonite balances dependences on others with the self.


A powerful nurturing crystal. Rose Quartz is associated with compassion, forgiveness, love and kindness. Rose Quartz promotes all love; self, romance, family, and world. Mantra - "My heart space is full. My love is abundant". Hold to your heart chakra.


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